As cheap perfumes are often required to fill little fancy bottles, such as are sold at the bazaars, toy shops, arcades, and other places, the following recipes for their manufacture will be found of service : — 1.—Spirits of wine, 1 pint; essence of ber-gamot, 1 ounce. 2.—Spirits of wine, 1 pint; otto of santal, 1 ounce. 3.—Spirits of wine, 1 pint; otto of French lavender, ^ ounce ; otto of bergamot, J ounce; otto of cloves, 1 drachm. 4.—Spirits of wine, 1 pint ; otto of lemon grass, ^ ounce, essence of lemons, J ounce. 5.—Spirits of wine, 1 pint; otto of petit grain, ^ ounce ; otto of orange peel, J ounce. '—Piesse's Art of Perfumery.