A governor for steam engines has been patented by Mr. Aaron J. Allen, of Hope, R. I. Combined with a governor of the ordinary type is a rotating sleeve, gearing, and sliding clutch, by which the spindle operating the cut-off or throttle is shortened and lengthened to give more or less steam as required by the load, without making any great change of speed. An electric engine has been patented by Mr. William A. J. Kohrn, of San Francisco, Cal. Combined with field magnets, swinging armatures with coils, and a battery connected with the field magnets, another battery is connected with the coils of the armature, and there are devices for automatically closing and opening the circuits of the field magnets and of the armatures, with other novel features. A boiler feeder has been patented by Mr. Samuel Haigh, of Coquitlam, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. This invention relates to the use of water cylinders which are alternately filled and their contents run into the boiler in succession, there being a novel arrangement of floats, rods, and stops for actuating the valve of a steam cylinder in combination with the water cylinders.