The “Grant County Herald” remarks as follows, under this head : " We learn that smelters at Franklin, Iow Co., are paying $40 per 1000 lbs., for mineral. We fear that this rate is the result of competition, or else over estimated demand. That mineral will fluctuate the coming season between $30 and $40, we have no doubt but that its steady value, based upon the eastern and St. Louis price of lead, will be $40, we donbt very much. Be that as it may, miners may rely upon a very high compensation for their labors henceforth." We fully agree in the above opinion. The price ot our staple, for some time to come, must mainly deptnd on the prices asked by the owners of Spanish and English lead, for it is plain that our own mines cannot supply the market. If foreign dealers choose to keep the price to near its present limit, we think they can do so, but this cannot be a safe reliance in the transaction of a heavy business.— [Galena Advertiser.