The “Idaho” and the “Mississippi,"' building at Cramps, are smaller editions of the “Connecticut.” With a length of 375 feet, a beam of 77 feet, and draft of 24 feet 8 inches, they displace 13,000 tons. On this displacement they carry four 12-inch, eight 8-inch, and eight 7- inch guns; so that their main battery is less than that of the larger ship by only four 7-inch pieces. They have two 21- inch submerged torpedo tubes, and their armor plan is practically the same as that of the “Kansas.” The 3,000 tons difference in displacement between the “Idaho” and the “Kansas” shows its effect most strongly in the engine room and the speed, the horse-power being only 10,000 as against 16,500, and the speed one knot less, or 17 knots an hour. It is to be regretted that such powerful ships as these should, in this year of our Lord 1907, and in this age of 21-knot battleships, be going out to the trial course with the expectation of doing no better than 17 knots an hour