An article under this caption appeared on page 64 of this volume of our paper. in which the name of Dr. Warren, of Boston, Mass., is mentioned as being the discoverer. As there are a number of Dr. Warrens in Boston, and to avoid confusion, we are requested to state that it is Dr. Ira Warren, No. 1 , Winter Place to whom belongs the merit of the discovery. Literary Notices OLIIOB DVNABTT -Published by Cornish, Lamport Co. : New York.At the - present moment, ..hen the Napeleon . name is again acqairing, or rather, has re-acquired a fresh .ascendancy in the politics of Europe, any. new Information with respect to Napoleon Bonaparte or his family, is a subject of particular interest. rhe above-named work is an original publication. lately iisned from the press, and appears very apropos to satisfy public curiosity. One of its peculiar features is the space devoted to the biographies of the members of the Napoleon family, some of w hose descendants appear destined to play .. conspicuous part'in the future history of the world. During the life time of the great Napoleon, his kindred were obscured by the dazzling glory of his fame, so that comparatively little attention was directed towards them, every writer of the times confining his remarks to the absorbinr theme-Napoleon the - General, Consul, and Emperor. This work does infinite credit to our country ; it is written by the " Berkley Men," and published as mentioned above. It contains over 600 pages, illustrated with portraits; sise do..i-8vo., cloth;-pries two dollars and ahalf. LITTXLL'9 LIVING AolI-No. 449 of this, the best of all weeklymagazine re-publications, contains an article on the Life and Writings of Justice Story, from the Edinburgh Review, which Is flattering to the memory of our great countryman. Every American should read it. It says, "he was the author of more text books of &higher order, and on almost every branc'h of Jurisprudence, than any writer of his age." PKAOTIDAL MATKMATICSWith Drawing and Mensuration, applied to the Mechanic Arts, by Prof. Davies, the author of so many useful mathematical works: published by A, S. Barnes Co .. No. 51 John street, this city. This is a very useful and excellent book. embracing a collection of much that is instructive; the section on Topographical Draw ing is worth the whole price of the book. TBlITJ'IWBBELSA. praetical treatise on the teeth of gear wheels, by Prof. Willis, F.R.S., is an excellent Tract; , published by Joseph P. Pirrson, No. 5 Wall street, this city.' THE WHIG REVIEWFor December, contains' a splendid picture of Daniel Webster, accompanied by an able article from thl>pen of Prof. Felton, besides other political and literary articles. Terms of the Review $3 per annum; Champion Bissell, publisher,. Now York.