The Central Railroad of Georgia has been very prosperous during the past year, the aggregate earnings having been $945,508 28mdash; leaving, after all expenses paid, a net profit of $507,625 78 ; the increase of gross receipts over those of the previous year, are $197,300 42. Out of the above a dividend of $139,858 has been declared for the past year. The locomotives belonging to the company amount to 46, of which number nine are new, twenty-eight are in good order, and in constant service, four are in the shop for alterations and repairs, and five are condemned. It is recommended that, for the ensuing year, fourteen additional engines be purchased, and that six passenger and one hundred burthen cars be eonstructed. Some damage was done by the late freshet, but not to such an extent as was apprehended. The light T rail now laid down it is proposed to supersede by a heavier article f the same kind.