After seeing all around us hungry human beings asking for work, and feeling that the difficulties in money matters had caused a temporary stagnation of manufacturing industry, it is with pleasure that we learn from various quarters that water wheels and steam engines are again working, and the noise of mill gearing again animates the lately silent centers of productive wealth. In our own city, many workshops are daily taking on the hands which they were compelled to discharge during their temporary suspension. In Lowell, Mass., two large mills, that have been working only half time, are about to resume their usual amount of labor ; at Woonsocket, R. I., a large rolling and nail mill has set to work ; at Norwalk, Conn., mills on whose working or stoppage depends the daily bread of thousands, are now in motion ; and at Manayunk, Pa., and its neighborhood, many factories have opened their doors, and the pleasant click of the shuttle and rattle of the spinning bobbin is once more heard in the picturesque valley of the Schuylkill. Four mills and two calico printworks at Fall River, Mass., the Chicopee (Mass.) mills, and the Troy and Albany Iron works, N. Y., have also resumed operations. It would seem that we were not-crushed by the past panic, but only knocked back a bit; and if it did burn us a little, we shall rise, Phoenix-like, more glorious, from the ashes, and be more strong and energetic for the temporary disaster.