There is now at Melbourne a large quantity of gold, which was sent from the diggings by escort, and which has never been claimed. The amount is stated at eight tons, and these eight tons of gold are watched and warded by a corporal and five men. The Canadian Executive has given notice that a tract of twenty-four millions of acres, lying mainly northeast of Lake Huron, in the latitude of the American mining districts of Lake Superior, will, as soon as surveyed, be thrown open to the landless in gratuitous tracts of one hundred and sixty acres. Alternate sections will thus be given away without price, those lying between them being reserved for sale to cover the expenses of surveying and opening the country to immigrants. On the Erie Lake Shore Railroad, at Elk Creek, Pa., a magnificent "bridge spans the stream, one hundred and fifteen feet above the water, and about a third of a mile in length. It is built on the plan of How's Truss Bridge, has about two million feet of lumber in it, and is a most stupendous wooden structure.