A private mint in Calitorniais coining half- dollars, some of which have reached this country. Literary Notices Nystrom's Treatise on Sorew Propellers This is a very handsome and good-sized volume on a very important subject to marine engineers and those who are interested in steam navigation. The author is experienced in the construction of screw propellers. He is a patentee of the Calculating Machine illustrated on page 284, last volume of the Scientific American, and which is introduced into this work, and explained in its application to plain and abstruse 'calculations of every description. Figures of steam engines and propellers are presented and explained, and there is also a treatise on bodies in motion in fluids. There is an exceedingly useful table to find the pitch of propellers. Loper&Ny- strom's patented propeller engine is also illustrated. The matter contained in this treatise is exceedingly valuable; new ideas and plain practical thoughts are uttered with a clearness and brevity which should make It sought after with avidity by all those whose profession or business lead them to be posted up in such information, It is published by the most eminent publisher in America of such useful works, Henry C. Baird, Philadelphia. It is for sale by Stringer&Townsend, New York. The Analytioal Chemist's Assistant. -This is a new work by F. Woeber, and published by Henry C. Baird, Philadelphia : it is translated from the German by Oscar M. Lieber, and treats of both Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis ; it treats of natural, artificial, and organic compounds. It is an exceedingly able chemical work ; we have quite a number of such works, and we say that this one is a favorite. To the student of chemistry it is a most excellent assistant and instructor. We are much obliged to Mr. Baird for this work. It is for sale by Stringer&Townsend, this city. Regal Rome.—The early history of Rome is shrouded in fable and obscurity, yet it cannot be doubtedbut it must have been awonderful one, to have formed the customs which moulded a people to conquer the world. This work, by Prof. Newman, of London, gathers together and presents, in a clear light, the historical details of early Rome, unravelling much of the mysterious, and forms an instructive introduction to Roman History. It is a neat volume, and the public is indebted to the spirited publisher, Redqeld, this city, for its publication. Poor and Ignorant ; Rich and Eduoated.— This is a neat pocket volume, published by Fowlers&Wells, this city, and comprises two Lectures by Horace Mann, on Intemperance, and its effects on the “ poor and ignorant,” and on the '' rich and educated.” Although a small volume, it is “ large “ in importance, sound and truthful in all its teachings, and bears the impress of great knowledge and originality. Littell's Living Age—This weekly periodical, published by Littell&Co., Boston, is the best transcript of the “ living literature “ of the age . it contains the very cream of the great foreign Quarterlies. Meyer's Universum—Numbers 9 and 10 ; each number contains four magnificent steel engravings, illustrating views in different parts of the world, and fully described by a well-written article. This is an elegant publication and is deserving an extensive patronage, H. J. Meyer, 164 William street, publisher. Price each number 25 cents. (A Treatise on Olock and Watch Making, Theoretical and Practical,” by Thomas Reid,Edinburgh : illustrated by 20 folding plates; in 10 parts at 50 cents each Blackie&Son, Fulton street, N. Y.