Geo. B. Salmon, of Elmira, Chemung Co., N. Y., has taken measures to secure a patent for improvements in grain separators. The nature ot the invention consists in cleansing and separating grain by means of a blast spout screen and trough. The object of the inventor, in the first part of his invention,is to overcome the inconvenience that is experienced by millers, from the fact that many substances, as cockle, &c, although smaller in size, have the same specific gravity as wheat, hence it is obvious that any amount of blast from the fan, capable of acting upon the cockle, &c, would also act upon the wheat. The inventor ingeniously takes advantage ot the fact of the above-named substances being smaller in size than the wheat, to get rid of them at once by allowing them to pass through the finer sieve. In order to understand the latter arrangement, it should be explained that the screen consists of two sieves of different degrees of fineness, so arranged that the grain passes through the coarser one into the blast spout and trough. The necessary shake and inclination of the screen are effected by the use of an adjustable spring, operated upon by an eccentric or cam, which gives the necessary shake motion