An improvement in grain separators has been invented by John Bean, of Hudson Mich. The improvement is made upon the common wind or fanning mill, whereby the coarse foreign materials are extracted from the grain before being subjected to the blast of the fan wheel, thus the grain is better prepared for the action of the air and screen sieve The means by which this object is effected is by placing in the centre of the upper sieve a forked guide, with its point towards the hopper containing the chaff and grain, and two spouts, line near each of the outer corners of the upper sieve, and placing beneath the sievea thin metallic plate corresponding in size with the size of the sieve, so as to prevent the current of air striking the grain until it has pass, ed from the upper sieve and plate to the screen sie\ e, thus effectually cleaning the giam first bj silting and sepai atmg, and atterward-by thoroughly expelling the dust arid nnei particles by the air blast The mventoi has taken measures to secure his improvement by patent.