The “Dodge County (Wis.) Gazette,” of a recent date, contains a most remarkable fish story. The story is, that during the month of January and February the lake at Horicon (Wis.) has been crowded with fishermen, and that some days from one to eight and ten tons per day, of pickerel, weighing from two to twenty-three pounds each, have been canght. There have been, some days, fifty or sixty persons spearing, loading, and drawing away. Above the village, and along the lake shore for a few miles, there were from thirty to forty tents on the ice, where people were taking fish from holes cut in the ice, all the time—some taking as high as two tons per day. The fish have sold at from $10 to $30 per ton, on the grounds, and as high as $6 per cwt. taken away. The manufacture of the glass f or the Crystal Palace has been undertaken by Messrs. Cooper Belcher, of Camptown, N. J, who promise to supply the managers with 40,000 eet, one-eigh. th of an inch thick, enameled by a new process invented by Mr. Cooper, One of the partners. The process is very simple. The enamel is laid upon the glass in a fluid state with a brush, and after being dried is subjected to an intense heat, which vitrifies the coating, rendering it fixed and durable as o the glass itself.