PROBABLY no investment of a small sum of money brings a greater return than the expense incurred in obtaining: a patent, even when the invention is but a small one. Larger inventions are found to pay correspondingly well. The names of § Kl>-C Blanehard, Morse, Bigelow, Colt, Ericsson, Howe, McCormick, Hoe, and others, who have amassed immense fortunes lrom their inventions, are well known. And there are hundreds ot others who have realized large sums—from fifty to one hundred thousand dollars—and a multitude who have made smaller sums,rang. formation, is either to prepare a sketch and description of the invention, or construct a model, and send to a reliable and experienced patent solicitor, and ask advice.(•> In this connection inventors are informed that MUNN&CO., Publishers of tile 3';' Pari Row. New York, Have been engagcd in the business of Soliciting Patents for nearly twenty- five years, and have the most extensive facilities for transacting such buRl- ness,-of any concern in the world. M.&Co.. have examined and reported more than• 50,000 INVENTIONS, And prepared the papers for more than 25.000 APPLICATIONS For Patents during the last quarter of a century. For the past ten years, the cases filed in the Patent Office by them, are about ONE THIRD ofthe entire number of applications filed, 'their corps ofspeciftcationwriters and counselors are made up from the ranks ofthe Patent Office, and are men capable of rendering the best service to the in- ventor,from the experience practically obtained while examiners II the Patent Office. MUNN&CO. Offer their services In preparing Specifications and Drawings for Fatentg, Caveats, lie® issues, Designs, Trade Marks, Extensions, Interferences, and Assignments. They also prosecute EJECTED j PPLICATIONS "Which have been improperly prepared by the inventor o'; incompetent nt. torneys. Good inventions arc otten rejected for no other reason than that the cases were not properly presented to tho Patent Office. Inventors should bear in mind that Patents are often worth more in foreign countries than in the United States, and the reduced price's for which. they are now obtained in England, France, and in other countries, ren.. del' it within the means of most persons to patent their inventions abroad. For instructions conccrning FOREIGN PATENTS, ' REISSUES, INTERFERENCES, HINTS ON SELLING PATENTS, RULES AND PROCEEDINGS AT THE UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, THE PATENT LAWS, FEES, ETC., SEE ” HIN"TS TO INVENTORS,'" "Which is sent free by mail on application. Advicc free. Everything CA p. fidential. Address all communications to MUNN&CO. PUBLISHERS SCIENTIFIC i AMERICAN, 8';' Park Row, New York, OfilJe 5a Washington, corner of F and Seventh streets, © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC.