This is a valuable invention and improvement, for the purpose of grinding and polishing glass surfaceB. The inventor is Alexander Lindsay, of Malone, N. Y., and it was patented this week in this country, patents having been previously obtained in England, France, and Belgium. It consists in a method of producing a combined rotary motion, either of the grinding and polishing surface or surfaces, or of the surface or surfaces being ground or polished, through the agency of friction; and a simple rotary motion that is imparted to the opposed surface or surfaces, whereby an almost infinite permutation is produced between the different points in either of the surfaces relatively 'to the opposed surface or surfaces, and hence the grinding or polishing is enabled to be performed with a high degree of pcr-I fection. PATENT EXTENSION.—Mr. Edie, from the Committee on Patents in the House of Representatives, has reported a bill for the extension of the patent of Edwin M. Chaff ee for an improvement in the manufacture of india-rubber. It is now before a committee of the whole House.