The citizens of Guthrie Center, Guthrie Co., Iowa, have just made a move in the right direction, and one which cannot fail to have a very beneficial effect on the future of this young town, one of the most inviting in the West. They have taken measures to establish a Mechanics Library and Reading Room, and we are pleased to state that the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAS is among the first papers ordered. They have also directed E. B. Newton, Esq., of Guthrie Center, to give mechanics and others who may desire it, such information relative to the place as will be useful to those who maybe desirous of trying a western home. Here, then, we have a frank acknowledgment of the worth and claims of the mechanic, a fact which indicates that the people of Guthrie Center understand that to encourage their mechanics and the mechanic arts is the most direct way of insuring their own success and prosperity.