Could Civilian Drones Become Lethal Projectiles? [Video]

An experiment demonstrates the radio-controlled hijacking of a drone
Demonstration of a Remote Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hijacking via GPS Spoofing


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An article in the December issue of Scientific American—“Better Security Measures Are Needed Before Drones Roam the U.S. Airspace ”—documents the numerous security flaws that need to be addressed before these remotely piloted aircraft can securely roam U.S. airspace. Perhaps the best demonstration of the vulnerabilities came in June 2012 at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico when the authors of the article, Todd Humphreys and Kyle Wesson—along with colleagues—showed how easy it was to take control of a drone using an unsecured radio link.

Watch this video that shows the events, a version of which was aired during congressional testimony:

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