This is a highly useful contrivance for attaching the traces 01 tugs of harness to the hame without the use of buckles. The fastening is so arranged as to be self-actingj the forward movement of the animal locks and keeps the tug and hame locked together. It was patented this week by the inventor, E. D. Lockwood, of Churchville, N. Y., and the claim will be found on another page. A SUGGESTION WORTHY OF NOTE.—We are now engaged quite extensively in making examinations at the Patent Office into the novelty of inventions preliminary to an application for a patent. If an inventor has an improvement upon which he desires to secure Letters Patent, and has doubts in regard to its patentability, he is advised to send us a sketch and description of it for examination. If he wishes the Patent Office to be searched beforehand, the fee for this service ($5) must also be remitted, which ensures a careful examination and a full report. It is scarcely necessary, after an experience of ten years, that we should state that all such communications arc regarded as strictly confidential. Circulars of information sent free.