The Railroad Journal speaks very favorabl] of heating and ventilating railroad cars, invented by Henry Ruttan, Esq, of Coburg, Canada, and for which he has a patent lor th( United States. It is a good system; the principle of its application to buildings, was illustrated in pages 289, and 317, Vol. 6, Scientific American. The Railroad Journal says : " As artificial warmth is required in this cli-mte about eight months out of the twelve, we ook upon any system of ventilation which loes not comprise provision for winter venti-ation, as the next thing to being altogethei worthless, and Mr. Ruttan has hit the nail ipon the head in making this part of his plan lis chief object. So simple and complete is ;he arrangement, that in two or three seconds )f time the conductor may change from win-;er to summer ventilation, and from summei ;o winter." The introduction of Alpacas into Australia las been in agitation in England for some rears. Lately an effort was made to get some )f those animals from Peru, but without suc-;ess. An inquiry into the adaptation of Aus-ralia to the purpose, has also proved discou-aging, the climate not being sufficiently cold, t is, however, thought that the mountainous egions in the southeastern part of Australia nay be suitable, and it has been urged that he government ot Great Britain make the ixperiment.