We present herewith an illustration of the cutting apparatus for harvesters patented by Obed Hussey, of Baltimore, Md, in 1847 The device covered by this patent has come into extensive use, and as it is now the subject of litigation, many of our readers will feel an interest in knowing just what Hussey has secured under patent. A suit involving the validity of the patent is now pending in the Circuit Court against McCormick. The invention is known as the scolloped cutter and open slot guard finger, Fig. 1 being a top view of a portion of the finger beam, H, guard fingers, B, and cutter, A, and Fig. 2 is a side elevation of one of the guard fingers detached, showing the opening, a, through the rear part of one side of the slot, to permit grass and leaves that may be carried into the slot by the cutters to work out. The claim in the patent reads as follows:— " I accordingly claim the opening above the blades at A, Fig. 3, and at D, Fig. 1, in combination with vibrating blades. I also claim the particular application of the flush edge at the forks of the blades for the purpose described. The end and design of the improvements above claimed is to prevent the blades choking."