Measures to secure a patent for nn improvement in augers and bits have been taken by Charles P. Crossman and Levi T. Richard-gon, of Fitchburg, Mass. The chief difficulty attending the use of the ordinary augers is their liability to choke with shavings as they work out of the spiral recess, and consequently to wedge as the auger is turned between the edges of the spiral thread and the sides of the hole. The above improved tool is completely free from this defect, in addition to its great merit as a cutting instrument as will be perceived by a short description. The cutting parts project at right angles from the center screw and are formed with curved edges, so that the auger cuts rapidly, and yet requires but little power, because the curved form gives it a drawing cut. The shavings are compelled to keep within the spiral recess, as there is a lip projectien at the end of one of the cutting edges.