F. Davidson, of Liberty, Va., has invented ar instrument for removing the saliva from tht mouth during denial operations, particularly in filling teeth. The manner in whichMr. Davidson accomplishes the object is by placing small tubes within the mouth to absorb or take up the saliva, which is thus conveyed by other tubes to a small cylinder or napkin placed upon the lap or by the side of the patient.— The saliva is absorbed or sucked up from the mouth by a small pump working within the cylinder, which may be operated by the subject or by another person standing by his side. Dentists are well aware of the difficulty often experienced in filling the lower teeth on account of the accumulation of saliva; sponges and astringent drugs aTe employed to remedy the inconvenience, but they are generally employed without success. The tubes are said to effect the object in a very desirable manner. The inventor has taken measures to secure his invention by patent. The Atlantic steamship arrived at this port on last Saturday, having jnade the shortest passage this season, viz., nine days and twenty-two hours. This is the fastest passage the Atlantic ever made.