Thomas H. Dodge, of Nashua, N. H., has taken measures to secure a patent for an improved kettle. The improvement alluded to consists in the employment of a slide, for the purpose of keeping the handle immovable when required. This is effected by malting the above-mentioned slide to fit in one of the tongues that eonnect the handle with the ket tle, this tongue being grooved in such a man- I for screwing it fast to the handle when loose, ner that the slide, which is dovetailed, fits in- but this is not essential to the operation. The to the groove and keeps the handle in a fixed vertical position. To allow of the handle being loose, the slide can be moved into either of two different positions, as desired. A set screw may likewise be attached to the slide advantages ot this contrivance are to prevent the swinging to and fro of the handle of the kettle, and yet, when required, to allow of its being loose by moving the slide from its fixed position, as already described.