An improvement has been made in metalic hubs for wheels of vehicles, by J. B. Hayden, of Easton, N. Y. The improvement effectually prevents the spokes from working in the mortices ot the hub, by any lateral movement —an important consideration. In the hub these spoke mortices are cast in two separate parts, forming two sections; and there is a thin ring plate secured in the hub between ihem. The - lnw*r #nds or skoulde"jo~.ihe spokes have thin grooves (one in each) cut into them, into which the thin plate ring fits, and the tennons of the spokes pass into the mortices on each side of the plate, in such a manner as if one spoke fitted into two mortices in the hub, with a binding ring or key between them, rivetted to the spokes, thus effectually preventing them from working loose in the hub. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.