An improvement in pumps, by John H. Me-Gowen, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to which this invention forms a necessary appendage, has al-eady been noticed in the Scientific American. Vfr. McGowen has a mode of casting his pump, which renders it a much better article han those cast by the old process, and also enders the operation of casting much easier, n this operation the cores which form the in-erior chamber of the pump, are moulded up-n the top ot what is called the " knowl " or drag," in such a manner that they will ad-ere thereto, and thus keep all the cores in aeir proper vertical position while the metal s poured. By this arrangement pumps o lis description may be cast on either green r dry sa-,d with equal facility. The inven-or, Mr. McG., has taken measures to secure a latent.