To travellers by railroad, there is nothing more desirable, and, at the same time, so rare as a comfortable seat. To furnish this desideratum, an improved car seat has been invented by William M. Warren, of Water-town, Ct., who has taken measures to secure a patent. By this plan a person may adjust the seat in a moment of time, so as to make it convenient for sleeping on, merely by raising a hinged back, which is attached to another fixed back—the car seat being hung on pivots, so that it can be more or less depressed as the movable back is raised. This is effected very simply by using a metal strip attached at its lower end to the cross-piece, which supports the pivots for the seat, at the upper part this strip ip connected by a hinge to the adjustable back, in such a manner that when the back is depressed the seat is brought to a horizontal position, but if raised, the seat, by the action of the metal strip, is made to incline, a result due to the relative position of the hinges. The seat can likewise be made to face in any required direction, a spring securing it when adjusted.