Measures to secure a patent for the above have been taken by Hiram Haight, of Nassau, N. Y. The improvements consist in the employment of an adjustable feed gearing, by which the quantity of straw tor the cutter can be supplied with greater or less speed, as required, and using, in connection therewith, an elastic pressure bar for holding firmly the stalks of straw at the edge of the feeding trough when about to be cut. The adaptation for leeding consists of two corrugated rollers placed one above the other, passing transversely through the feeding trough and furnished with pinions that gear into each other. The pinion of the upper roller is moved by a pawl and spring, which are actuated by a rod connected to the treadle of the machine the lower roller of course revolving in an opposite direction to the upper. Another pawl prevents any backward motion of the pinion. The velocity of the rollers and consequent rapidity of the feed are regulated by an adjustable pin, which, projecting from the rod, receives the up stroke of the treadle. The pressure bar is connected with the treadle by means of a rod, and the force exerted by it in keeping the straw in its position before the cutter is modified by a spiral spring underneath.