Isaac Crandall, of Cherry Valley, N. Y., has made certain improvements in the construction of wagons, for which he has taken measures to secure a patent His improvement will be understood by the following brief description. The invention relates to a novel method of arranging many .of the parts of the common double wagon, and of making its upper reach elastic, so as to yield when when the front axle and tongue are moved out of 4 straight line with the direction in which the cainage is moving, so as to accommodate itself to the movement of the horse, and as soon a the-horse is in motion on a line pa-rallel with the lower reach: to throw the tongue and front axle, together with their attachment, in the proper position to be drawn in the direction of travel. This arrangement prevents the tongue from loosely playing from side to side, and thus very frequently striking the horse while drawing the cariage J the extra reach may, with convenience, be used upon carriages already constructed, and the injurious lateral motion of the tongue while the horse is drawing, thus prevented.