This is an improvement in breech-loading fire-arms to enable them to be loaded with great facility and despatch from a magazine or magazines in the stock. It also consists" in an improved mode of applying feed springs to the followers of gun magazines, whereby the capacity of the magazines is much increased, and also in a means of operating what the inventor terms the double-sliding charge-holder, which in part forms two chambers ; and of so cocking the hammer that a very quick repetition of the fire is obtained. There is also a method of drawing back and forcing up a breech screw, which serves the double.purpose of a breech, and of making a tight joint between the chamber and the barrel. The lock is also simplified so that the hammer is let off with a very slight pull on the trigger and yet is held very secure until the trigger is pulled. It would require drawings to illustrate the construction and arrangement of the parts. Chas. C. Terrel, of ShuUsburgh, Wis., is the inventor, and it was patented this week.