The annexed engravings are views of an improvement in Journal Boxes, invented by George Pierce, of Norwich, Conn., who has taken measures to secure a patent for the same. Figure 1 is an outside view of the journal box; figure 2 is a transverse vertical section of fig. 1, taken through the middle, as shown by the dotted lines. Fig. 3 is a plan view, with the cap removed, and the shaft placed upright. The same letters refer to like parts. A is an oil reservoir of the form of a half cylinder. It is attached to or cast along with the stock, B. C is the journal box placed within the reservoir. The journal box is of the shape of a halt cylinder, and is provided with flanges, Dmdash;one on each endmdash;which fit over the sides of the oil reservoir, and prevent the escape of oil, as shown particularly in fig. 3. The journal box is secured permanently in the reservoir by rpeans of the screws, a a, which pass through openings in the lugs, b 6, on the outer sides of the reservoir and into the under parts of the flanges, D. E is the journal fitted in the box, C, and F is a conduc-More information may be obtained by letter addressed to the i nventor.