News Scans: 6 Quick Science Tidbits

In Brief

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After 49 years and $750 million, a Stanford ­University experiment using superconducting niobium spheres confirmed parts of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Do not try this at home.

Intel announced the biggest breakthrough in computer chips in 50 years: “3-D transistors” that, like skyscrapers, pack more punch into less space.

Armadillos, one of the only animals other than humans to carry leprosy, have been spreading the rare bacterial disease in the southern U.S. Stay away from that roadkill.

Urban birds have bigger brains than other species, making it easier for them to thrive in challenging ­environments, like Times Square.

The gray wolf is removed from the endangered species list in several states as a government shutdown–averting deal, a detail that was most likely lost on the wolves.

Just as we’re discovering more Earth-like planets, budget cuts force the shutdown of SETI’s array of antennas that hunt for extra­terrestrial life. Sorry, E.T.

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