A wave of pesticide contamination of eggs across Europe has prompted German health officials to study how much of the involved chemical, fipronil, can safely be consumed.


British and Thai researchers are searching for Vietnam's native Edwards's Pheasant, which has not been spotted for years and is designated as critically endangered. They hope to make the point that rare, understudied species are worth saving.


The nation recently launched its third of seven planned GPS satellites, intended to form a network independent of the U.S. system. The government plans to have all seven in orbit by 2023.


Local scientists and politicians have called for the nation to join CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics near Geneva. They claim the investment will be profitable and will encourage citizens to pursue science careers.


Researchers debuted a robotic arm that can form Flemish sign-language letters translated from simple typed words. Their next goal is to develop a second arm so the robot can sign entire phrases.