We have received a copy of the bill which has been introduced into the New York Assembly by Mr Dayton, to regulate the manufacture and sale of gas It provides for two important requisites, viz, the quality of the gas manufactured, and the accurate measurement of the quantity passing through the meter It also provides for unjust charges for use of meters, connections, amp;c, commonly made This is to be accomplished by a Board of Gas Inspection in every city of over 50,000 inhabitants, which is authorized to test the quality of gas manufactured, by a standard of merchantable quality, to be fixed by a Central Board, composed of delegates from each local board ; and to examine and affix to each meter its percentage of loss of action, or the amount it fails to deliver of its dial register If the gas tested comes below the standard adopted, the companies are to make a certain reduction in their bills, as prescribed by the Central Board, for different grades of manufacture; and they are also required to deduct from each meter register whatever per centage of loss of action it may have These are important provisions for the interests of gas consumers, and, we think, ought to receive the consent of every honorable gas company