Many people think of Steve Irwin as that crazy Aussie who wrestles crocodiles on TV. He has produced dozens of wildlife documentaries for cable's Animal Planet. His growing fame has landed him a Federal Express commercial and a character on the cartoon series South Park. His wild-man persona even dominates the trailers for Eddie Murphy's upcoming Dr. Dolittle film sequel.

So is this guy just an entertainer with a brazen attitude around wild animals, or is he a committed wildlife conservationist? Scientific American writer Sarah Simpson went to Queensland, Australia, to ask the Crocodile Hunter himself.


CLOSE ENCOUNTER. Steve Irwin's uncanny awareness of a crocodile's reach makes for some hair-raising feeding sessions. Irwin's daughter, Bindi, looks on.


Part 1: Method to His Madness?

Part 2: Protecting Wildlife in His Own Backyard

Part 3: Current and Upcoming Projects

Part 4: Adrenaline Junkie?

Part 5: Don't Try This at Home

Part 6: Is the Croc Hunter Ever Afraid?

Part 7: Saving Sacred Crocodiles in East Timor

Part 8: Coping with Habitat Destruction

Part 9: Fighting Sustainable Use

Part 10: Steve and His Crocodiles