A Mr. Basterot, of France, has recently edited a work upon the game of chess ; and among other particulars, he informs his readers, upon good authority, that this game was invented during the sixth century, by an Indian Brahmin, called Sisla, who presented his invention to the reigning monarch, Sirham, requesting as a reward, one grain of wheat for the first square, two grains for the second, and four for the third, and so on, in geometric progression, up to the sixty-fourth ; to reach the amount ot this humble request, the author informs us, would require the entire wheat crop of France during 140 years ! [Instead of 140 years, it would take over 360,000 years for the purpose, allowing the annual wheat crop of France to be 100,000,000 bushels. A design for a prize medal is wanted in New York by the Directors of the Association of the Industry ot all Nations. They offer $200 for it.