A POOR FELLOW. Dick & Fitzgerald, New York. This book ia written by some one who is well up in New York literary circles, and it gives Home of the parvenu litterateurs some very ungentle taps. The story is good, the moral excellent, and the style eay. TM book, we think, will bo favorably received. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY for July contains some good essays and poems, but we do not think it is equal m interest to other numbei. * The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table" is becoming rather tiresome, and TV think that its dittinquWiprt author might well employ his pen in some other direction. HOUSEHOLD WORI3— Published by Janapn & Co., No. lis Nautili street, New York—This excellent- periodical, ever fresh, lively, and sparkling, has many biilliant skptt'heh in this number, which alone render it worthy of an attentive perusal.