Dickens, in his "Household Words," gives a full account of this world renowned institution of commerce, with its S95 agents in to-reign and colonial ports, its prodigious amount of underwriters, its immense means of furnishing succor to vessels, seamen, and passengers, and its liberal contributions to objects of charity. Lloyd'a may be called the great com- ceives vibration irom every nerve that trade agitates, or tempests disturb, or hurricanes shock. Lloyd's has 217 underwriters, 1,368 members, 503 subscribers to the merchants rooms, and an income of 12,000 sterling per annum Lloyd kept a tavern, called the " Pope's Head," where the Society of Under-w nters used t meet, after the great lire ot London which burnt them out in Lombard i street where they remained until 1764, when , they took up their quarters in the Royal Exchange. Lloyd's agents may be found in every part ofthe civilized world.