Joseph Sawyer, of the city of Boston, Mass , has taken measures to secure a patent for an improved machine for sweeping streets. Three brush wheels are attached to a carriage—two being placed at the front and one at the back part. The front brush wheels are placed horizontally under the carriage, one at $ side, and as they rotate, they sweep the dirt into thecentre underneath the machine, and at intervals they are made to rise and step, as it were, ov er the heap of dirt gathered ti. the centre. The brush wheel on the back of the the central heaps of dirt, and sweeps them up as the machine moves along up a short incli-nBd shuteinto a proper receptacle. Thework ot sweeping the dirt into heaps, and up into the receptacle, is carried on until there is a full load in the receptacle.' It would be a good thing for this city if some more effectual duced—New Yerk streetsare exceedingly dirty, and yet no city in the world pay* more for keeping them clean.