M do Lcsseps, the Suez Canal engineer, having sent some surveyors to examine the desert of Sahara, has, it is said, become convinced that the desert is at its nearest limit 21 meters below the level of the Eed Sea, and that the depression continues increasing toward the interior He therefore thinks that he can make the desert the bed of a large inland sea, by a canal of 75 miles in length, bringing the water from the Red sea Besides climatic changes an easy method of intercourse with Central Africa would be effected if this project coulilbe accomplished A correspondent of the New York Times writing from Helena, Montana, says : " The dailyrcccipts of bullion and dust at the Helena Bank are over $50,000 per day A seven pound nugget was taken out of 'Bilk Gulch'a few days ago, by G ~VV Moore The lucky miner had better reehristcn that gulch A nice little silver ' button,' weighing $2,800, was sent in from the Stapleton Silver Mines n few days ago, and last week the banking house ofBohm Aub shipped the 'heftiest' gold tiricl: yet made in Montana, although by no means the last The value of this little auriferous pocUet piece was $10,000" The jury on the inquest in the case of 1 woman whose death was caused by an explosion of a kerosenelamp at 408 West Twentysixth street, this city, on the9th ult, added to the verdict that deceased came to her death by burns inflicted by an oil proved to be highly explosive, a recommendaionto the Board of Health, Fire Commissioners, or any authority having power to do so, to enact an ordinance making it a punishable offense to manufacture and offer for sale an oil that shall evaporate at less than 100 degrees Fah, and burn at less than 110 degrees The Monson, Mass, quarrymen have split out a granite slab 350 feet long, 11 wide, and 4 thick, containing 15,400 cubic feet, and weighing twelve hundred and eightythree and one third tuns To cut it from the rocks 1,101 holes were drilled on a line parallel with the front edge This ponderous piece of granite will be cut up and sent to Albany to be used in the construction of the new Capitol On the 19th July the Thames Tunnel was finally closed as a public footway The tunnel was commenced by Brunei in 1S24, and was finished in March, 1843 The total cost of the tunnel was about $3,500,000, but the East Lon don Railway Company recently purchased it for a little over a third of that sum The company will run their trains through the tunnel, their line bringing the inhabitants of Wrapping, Shadwell, etc, within easy distance of Southwark Park Nameless County, Nebraska, has voted to donate $250,000 to the St Louis Trunk, and the Brownsville Fort Kearney, and Pacific Railroads Both roads willbc built through the county next yerr The latter is an extension of the Quincy and Brownsville Railroad The work is progressing on both lines A convention was concluded on the IGUwlay of April, and proclaimed on the Gth of July last, between the United States and the Emperor of the French, to secure in their respective territories a guarantee of property in trade nii'rks A similar arrangement has been made with Russia At a workingmen's convention held at Virginia City, Nevada, resolutions were passed declaring that llthe importation of Asiaticsand their employment in the mines, or other fields of labor, must be discontinued, or it will Tiring on an ' irrepressible conflict' likely to end in bloodshed and ruin" The British Board of Trade return of the number and nature of railroad accidents during the year 18C8 has been published In England 150 persons were killed and 528 injured In Scotland the numbers were respectively 47 and 39, and in Ireland 15 and 33 Of the 150 persons killed in England by train accidents 31 perished at Abcrgcle The statistics of immigration at New York for the month of July show the total number of arrivals* to have been 25,017, against 2(3,111 last year, a falling off of 1,094 The greatest number came from England and Ireland, 11,694, Germany being represensed by 8,149, and the Scandinavian countries by 3,401 A ship canal is to bo constructed through SchleswigHolstcin to connect the Baltic and the North Seas The preliminary surveys have been completed It is thought the Frussim Government will undertake the work of building The Exhibition Commissioners at London, England, have decided to hold a series of annual international exhibitions of select works of fine and industrial art and scientific inventions at Ivcnsington The first exhibition slixed for 1871 The International Exhibit ion ot Art and Industry just opened at Munich is said to surpass in attractiveness the similar exhibition of 1858 The pictures number over two thousand A telegram from Ketch announces that the B'ack Sea cable belonging to he IndoEuropean Company has been successfully submerged Inventions JPatciited In England isy Americans [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents"] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS 2,057"REAPIKG AND MOWIXG MACHINEJames Thayer, New York city July 8,1869 2,058SHAVING MUGF MKeeler, Boston, MassWuly 8,18159 2,087PBODTTCING MAEQUETEYAND OTHEEDIVEESCOLOEED WOOD"WOEK Joseph Dill, Grand Rapids, Mich July 10,1869 2,088MACHINE FOR MANUFACTUEING HORSESHOES O A Howe, Jersey City, N J July 10,1869 2,0i)0WOODWOEKIWG MACHINEJoseph Dill, Orand Kapids, Mich July 10,1869 2102MANITFACTUEE OF "WHITE LEADGeo T Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa July 12,1869 2,112MOWING AND REAPING MACHINEJames Green, Boston, Mass July 13, 1869 2118PIANOFORTE HAMMERC W Brewster, Racine, Wis July 14, 1869 2,119PIANOFOETE BRIDGEC W Brewer, Kacine, Wis July 14, 1869 2,179BLOTTEEC C Moore, New York city July 19,1869