Interactive by Krista Fuentes

Base map: NASA/MOLA Science Team

Sources: "Martian gullies in the southern mid-latitudes of Mars: Evidence for climate-controlled formation of young fluvial features based upon local and global topography," by James L. Dickson et al., in Icarus, Vol. 188, pages 315–323, 2007 (gully clusters); "Updated Global Map of Martian Valley Networks: Implications for Hydrologic Processes," by B. M. Hynek et al., in Second Workshop on Mars Valley Networks, 2008 (valley networks); "Ice, Salt and Warm-Season Flows on Mars," a NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/UA/LANL/MSSS map, 2011 (seasonal markings); "Radar Sounding Evidence for Buried Glaciers in the Southern Mid-Latitudes of Mars," by John W. Holt et al., in Science, Vol. 322, Nov. 21, 2008 (buried glacier).