Splendid Prizes The first number of the NINTH VOL VME of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN will be issued on the 17th of September, We are grateful for the very liberal encouragement which we have received from our readers, and take this occasion to express to them our gratitude. We are also under many obligations to our cotemporaries for favorable notices. The next volume will be commenced with new and beautiful type, printed on paper manufactured expressly for this publication, of greatly increased weight and finer quality : this item alone will increase our yfiarly expenses over $3000 ; in addition to this we shall increase our present able Editorial force as it is our intention to continue the Scientific American, " THE LEADINO AND MOST RELIABLE PRACTICAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL IK THE UNITED STATES/' It will continue the unflinching advocate of all useful improvements, and it will fearlessly expose all unreliable and deceptive schemes appertaining to its character; [in this respect it has gained a reputation superior to any other work of the kind in the world] The opening of the CRYSTAL PALACE in this city forms an object of rare public interest j we shall devote a full pageof the paper every week to careful criticisms, reviews, and illustrations of the objects most worthy of attention. We hope to render this department especially interesting to all our readers, whether they visit the Fair or not. The copious and FINELY EXECUTED ENGRAYINGS of Machinery, New Inventions, etc.—the POUR HUNDRED PAGES of valuable Scientific and Practical Readi?ig-the USEFUL RECEIPTS—the full He-yort'lot all the PATENT CLAIMS, and the relia ble character of the journal on all branches within its field of labor—render it worthy of the support which it has so liberally received from its intelligent class of readers. The circulation of the L"f? JMlS 1'auuSAND COPIES PER WEEK. The edition on the new volame will be commenced with twenty, three thousand, Jwhich we feel confident will not be an over calculation. Subscribers, to ensure the numbers from the commencement of the volume should send in their subscriptions early, as many were disappointed in not obtaining the complete set of the present volume. The Scientific American is in form SUITABLE FOB BINDINO, and each volume is accompanied with a full Index of all the subjects, which renders it an ENCTCZOPEMA OF USEFUL, SCIENTIFIC and MECHANICAL INFORMATION, for present as well as future reference. Hoping to stimulate our readers to greater activity in spreading; the circulation of the Scientific American, we offer the following Splendid Prizes for the largest list of mail subscribers sent in by the first of January next .— $100 will be gi ven for the largest list. $75 for the second largest list. $50 for the third ditto, $45 for the fourth ditto. $40 for the fifth ditto. $35 for the sixth ditto. $30 for the seventh ditto $25 for the eighth ditto. $20 for the ninth ditto. $15 for the tenth ditto. $10 for the eleventh ditto. 1 $5 for the twelfth ditto. The cash will be paid to the order of the successful competitors, immediately after January 1st, 1854. These prizes are worthy of an honorable and en-ergetic competition, and we hope our readers will not let an opportunity so favorable pass without attention. Terms ! Terms! Terms ! One copy, for One Year j2 " Six Months $i Pive copies, for Six Months $4 Ten Copies for Six Months for $g Ten Copies for Twelve Months, {15 Fifteen Copies for Twelve Month*, $22 Twenty Oopiea for Twelve Months, $28 Southern and Western Money taken at par for I subscriptions, or Post Office St"mp" taken "t Uwir par value. Letters ahould be directed (post-paid) to MTJNN& CO, . 128 Fulton street, New york.