Vision Quest: Retinal Implants Deliver the Promise of Sight to Damaged Eyes. Emerging technologies successfully stimulate retinas ravaged by retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration and other diseases to give sufferers a new lease on light Jun 15, 2010

Biomarker Studies Could Realize Goal of More Effective and Personalized Cancer Medicine. Finding individual differences in tumors is key to treating the right patient with the right medicine at the right time, researchers say Apr 26, 2010

Medical Monitoring Networks Get Personal. The FCC is considering a request to allocate spectrum bandwidth for medical body area networks that wirelessly monitor one's health Sep 18, 2009

Electric Eye: Retina Implant Research Expands in Europe, Seeks FDA Approval in U.S. Several technologies to restore sight to retina-damaged eyes are making headway--one seeks to begin human trials in the U.S. and another has already hit the market in Europe Dec 12, 2011 

Neuroscience meeting: Researchers take a step toward a bionic eye Nov 16, 2010

Personalizing cancer medicine Feb 7, 2011 

Nanomedicine--Revolutionizing the Fight against Cancer. Nanoscale technologies can transform how disease is understood, attacked and possibly prevented Jan 19, 2009

The New Genetics of Mental Illness. Life's experiences add molecular switches to the genes that control our brain activity, affecting how susceptible we are to depression, anxiety and drug addiction May 29, 2008

Shelf-Preservation: Researchers Tap Century-Old Brain Tissue for Clues to Mental Illness. Extracting DNA from a museum collection of jellied autopsied brains dating back to the 1890s may give researchers a new take on the study mental disorders Jan 9, 2012

The Smallest Revolution: 5 Recent Breakthroughs in Nanomedicine Sep 30, 2011

Protein Gel Stops Bleeding in Unknown Way Oct 10, 2006 

Nanoparticles Annihilate Prostate Cancer Apr 11, 2006  

Nanoparticles Enlisted to Impede Alzheimer's-Inducing Brain Plaque Researchers say that sharp-edged nanoparticles can block neurodegenerative proteins that impede cognitive function. The next challenge is making nanoparticles in this shape out of nontoxic materials May 20, 2011

A Molecular Checkup: The Nano Future of Medicine Scientific American Editor in Chief John Rennie introduces the February 2009 issue Jan 19, 2009

Ask the Experts: Is there a biochemical test that accurately diagnoses bipolar disorder? I heard on the radio today that millions of people in the U.s. have bipolar disorder and that 75 percent of them are undiagnosed and untreated Oct 21, 1999

Using Bodily Movement to Recharge Implanted Medical Device Batteries (Podcast) Novel materials could allow the implantation of flexible, rechargeable batteries that would constantly recharge from the body's own movements--even just breathing. Cynthia Graber reports Sep 24, 2010

What's in your gut? Microbiota categories might help

Simplify personalized medicine Apr 20, 2011 

Exposing the Student Body: Stanford Joins U.C. Berkeley in Controversial Genetic Testing of Students Heated debate surrounds the ethics of the universities' decisions to analyze student DNA Jul 6, 2010