A clay tempering machine has been patented by Mr. Frank Middleton, of Richmond, Va. This invention relates to novel construction. of the main frame and to the method of transmitting and applying the power, whereby the mechanism is simplified ''d greater' steadiness of frame and machinery obtained. A vulcanizable gilding rubber has been patented by Mr. Jehu H. Wood. of Lebanon, O. This invention covers, as a new article of manufacture, a sheet of vulcanizable rubber. to which coatings of chloride of silver have been applied, together with a novel process of applying such coating, more especially for use in making dental plates. A belt clasp has been patented by Mr. George E. Zeltmacher, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ' This invention covers a novel device, whereby.belts cali be readily adjusted. to,an increased or diminished length, so that they will remain securely. in place when adjusted, and the device will not disfigure or otherwise injure the belts. A cotton gin has been patented by Mr. Franklin H. Lummus, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Connected the saws and brush cylinll.er'isacSfflbined'carding brush and fire extinguisher, having a continuous unbroken surface of bristles, so arranged that draught through or between the bristles is prevented and a fire extinguishing surface is produced. A shank lasting apparatus has been patented by Mr. Frank B. Beyerle, of New York city. It has jaw arms with pivoted jaws, and links pivotally connecting the ends [of the jaw arms to allow'relative longitudinal movement, with other rnovel features, the invention being an improvement. on.a.former patented Invention of a similar tool. An apparatus for manufacturing double film photographic sensitive paper has been patented by Mr. Henry J. Newton, of New York city. The apparatus embraces guiding, tension, and wiping devices, supported in bearings adjustable, in reverse directions, to regulate their distances apart upwardly and laterally, for evenly distributing sensitive emulsion on both sides of the paper simultaneously. An anchor for fence posts has been patented by Mr. Jacob V. Higgins, of near Three Bridges, N. J. The anchor base plate has an aperture to receive an iron fence post, there being an upwardly projecting neck around the rim of the aperture, and this plate is intended to be placed so low that the top of the piece will be below the surface of the ground, in'which, being loose on the post, it can work up ordown with the action of the frost without tilting the post. A combined latch and lock has been patented by Mr. Joshua B.' Hutson, of Richmond, Va. Combined with the sliding bolt of the lock is a sliding frame, intermediate between the knob nut and key and the bolt of the- lock, with means tor locking the sliding frame, to prevent it from being moved by the knob nut or key, whtle permitting the free movement of the bolt, the invention being an improvement on a former patented invention of the same inventor.