Responsible parties in England, have petitioned Parliament for a charter to work some recently discovered gold mines in one of the Townships of Canada East. It is also reported that gold has been discovered in Jamaica, W.I. Seven hundred tons of. ice were recently shipped to Cincinnati, from Sandusky, costing on delivery, about $8 per ton, but owing to the great scarcity of the article in that locality, it readily sells for $30 per ton. White pine lumber is being shipped from this part tor Australia. Guano has been discovered in the Gallapa-gos Islands. A free-stone of a light bluish gray color has been found in the Cheat River District, Va., and used successfully for building purposes.— It was unknown until laid open by the building of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which has brought into use this source of internal wealth. The quarries are situated immediately on the route of the railroad, and cars can thus be laden with the greatest facility and economy. About 100 tons of castings.tor the India Rubber Works, about to be established in France by Hiram Hutchinson, late President of the Newark India Rubber Manufacturing Co., are now in progress of manufacture at Trenton, N. J. A curious crcumstance is mentioned in connection with the burning of the Oil Works at New Bedford, Mass. : a large quantity ofsper-macetiin bags, placed between iron plates, for the purpose of pressing, burnt completely, leaving the bags themselves almost entire. This is most singular as the plates must have been subjected te a red heat. Prince Albert is among the contributors of works of art to the Industrial Exhibition. The portraits of her Majesty, himself; Prince Arthur, and of the late Duke of Wellington forming the picture painted by Winterhalter, is his contribution. The Baron Marochetti has completed a colossal equestrian statue of Gen. Washington, which is about to be embarked tor the Exhibition. The King of Sweden, in consideration of I the great scientific practical value of Lieut, Maury's labors, has ordered that the Swedish navy co-operate with this officer, by making observations according to the form prescribed j for his " Wind and Current " chart. '