The Union of Concerned Scientists examines The Skeptical Environmentalist ( Detailed responses from Peter Gleick on the books treatment of water resources, Jerry Mahlman on global warming, and Edward O. Wilson, Thomas Lovejoy, Norman Myers, Jeffrey Harvey and Stuart Pimm on biodiversity and species loss.

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark ( From Grist magazine, a series of essays criticizing the book, including E. O. Wilson on extinction, Stephen Schneider on global warming, Norman Myers on species diversity, Lester Brown on population, Emily Matthews on forests, Al Hammond on statistical errors, Devra Davis on human health, and David Nemtzow on energy, and more. A site established by environmental activists, academics and writers to rebut Lomborgs writings

Debunking Pseudo-Scholarship: Things a journalist should know about The Skeptical Environmentalist ( From the World Resources Institute, several articles including a review of the book by Edward Flateau, an article Al Hammond and Tony Janetos, and the text of an address by Peter Raven.

The Lomborg File: When the Press is Lured by a Contrarians Tale ( An article by Russ Baker, published by The Columbia Journalism Review, concerning why Lomborgs message proved so appealing to the general media.

Replies from Danish scientists ( When Lomborgs book was first published several years ago in Denmark, members of the Danish scientific and academic community posted rebuttals to it that prefigured the debate now occurring internationally.

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