While Irene is posing the greatest danger to lives this weekend, it is not the only tropical woe in the Atlantic Basin. Tropical Storm Jose is nearing Bermuda, while the formation of Katia may be on the horizon.

Tropical Storm Jose formed earlier this morning, around the time Irene's center was bearing down on the New York City area.

Jose, however, will never become the powerful storm that Irene intensified into. Strong wind shear associated with Irene will actually cause Jose to weaken into a tropical depression by Monday morning.

Regardless, Jose will graze Bermuda with minimal tropical storm-force winds and gusty bands of rain through this evening.

The rough surf that will continue to pound Bermuda into Monday has actually been kicked up by Irene, not Jose.

More Tropical Trouble Lurking
Irene and Jose are not the only tropical features the AccuWeather.com Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on.

A tropical wave located just off the western coast of Africa could become the next tropical storm in the Atlantic Basin, acquiring the name "Katia."

Strong wind shear is currently disrupting the wave's ability to develop into a more organized tropical system. However, that will change in the next couple of days as the wave enters a calmer environment.

AccuWeather.com meteorologists will pinpoint the precise track of the wave as it churns through the open waters of the Atlantic during the upcoming week, threatening only shipping interests.

Any impacts to land would not occur until at least later next weekend if the wave takes a track toward the Lesser Antilles. The wave, however, may never pose a danger to land if it curves into the open waters of the central Atlantic.

This article is reprinted with permission from AccuWeather.com. It was first published on August 29, 2011.