Among the many wonderful discoveries ot the age, the Genoa correspondent of the " Newark Advertiser" notes that a complete revolution in the mear.s of steam navigation and locomotion, is anticipated from a recent invention by Carosio, of that city. He has, it is said, succeeded in constructing an apparatus for the decomposition of water by electro-magnetism, which will introduce the gases thus generated into the engme, in a way to save all the expense of fuel ! His invention has been approved by savans and practical engineers and a company has subscribed the means of giving it a full experiment. Means have also been adopted to secure patents in all other countries. Mr. J. B. Musso, a respectable merchant of Genoa, has started for the United States, with letters from our Minister at Turin, to the heads ot the Patent Office at Washington LExchange. [This power is to beat the Ericsson all hollow; but why not apply the magnetism to drive the engine instead of the gases which itfr produces. Magnetism is a motive power. How sharp some people are ; the above invention is like using a steam engine to pump up .{r to drive a water wheel.