NASA's Apollo moon missions, which lasted from 1968 to 1972, were responsible for putting the first human on an extraterrestrial surface. Six of the missions landed on the moon, where astronauts carried out a number of experiments, studying soil mechanics, micrometeoroids, seismographic activity, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields and solar wind.

Getting to and from the moon required copious amounts of advanced technology, not to mention charts, spacesuits, tools and miscellaneous paperwork. On April 13, Bonhams and Butterfields of New York City will auction off dozens of artifacts related to the Apollo program as well as memorabilia from other space missions, including spacewalks outside the Soviet Union's Mir space station.

The items, many of which have been autographed by astronauts and contributed from their personal collections, will be sold for anywhere from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Take a sneak peek at what's on the auction block