I noticed in your valuable paper of the 4th an article from a western pen, about a large quarry of granite, near Little Rock, Ark., and what I have to say in relation to it is,simply. ;o add to the story, what I know to be un mown to many:Within 30 miles of LittU- lock, is an extensive quarry of free stone ol superior quality and while there in 1839, I saw some Scotch stone cutters cutting out several Ionic capitals for columns. I noticed that the stone under the chisel and mallet ol a skillful workman could be finished into anything that was beautiful. About 3 miles from Little Rock are several ridges or knolls, where I found an abundance of quartz ot various sizes, sorts, and shapes ; they were very clear, and a friend of mine sent some to Pittsburgh, to be set in rings, jins, and other articles of jeweliy. On the Ouichita River are extensive quarries ot oil stone ot superior quality, which brings a great price at present among our eastern mechanics ; I have seen tons of them riled up in Little Rock for shipping. At or near the well-known Hot Springs, some 40 miles from Little Rock, there is found in large quantities load stones or magnets. I used to amuse myself by dropping a small piece of this load stone into a cask of nails, and then take it out with nails hanging thick y on it. There are doubtless many kinds of minerals in Arkansas that have not yet been found. When the Great Central Railroad is completed, then the tide of emigration to that part of the unknown west will begin to flow and I have no doubt but we shall hear of the discovery of many valuable things that are now unthought of. P.