CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED BIBLE. New York: Cassell ? Co., No. 37 Pllrk-l'O\\'. 'Ve are gratified to be uble tg state thut the demands for t.his t.rnly m.ignificcnt work are constnutly increasing, and that tholHlnnds of copies of each number find snipe as fast ns issued. 'Ve hav before had occnsioll to call :Ittentiou to tile fiist of the hound vollimcp. which embraces the Scriptures from Genesis to Samuel. The wOJ'k ia profusely illustrated, ami forms nn incomparable gift book 101' the holidays. MUSlc—"Virginia Polka.” and “Olivcr Gallope." Nmv York: Horace 'Vaterll, No. 2S3 Broadway. The l^owers to compose and execute fll118ic nre 1'111"e pifl?*, nnd, in some instances, tlw v nre bestowed where we would Ipnst exp#ct to iind them. Two ]lieccs of mnsic, boaiinp the nhove titlrs, hii\*i been sont to us by the publisher, said to be composed by a blinn negl'o boy only ten venrs of aqp, who is a musical jtrodipy, being c:l\l:Lble of execnting the most difficult pieces of lllllsic on tile piano, after hearing them llcrjonueu ouly oncc. THE SONGS OF INELAND; edited bv Samuel Lonr. New York : Dick & Fitzirerald, No. 18 ???G-etreet. Rome of the sweetest Bontj-nnisic in the world is, undoubtedly, Irish. Perhaps we might ??? that some of the nwt touching 8('11^S in our liingnsigft belong to the Finne *;;tinn. Mnnre's name will certninl,t' live in t.he memory of nIl the 10Y{'rR of pong, trhen the prrat majority of other names of reletirity in the F.-inie sphere of art will Im foi'RoUeii. Lover himself, the rditor of thifvolnnie, has lrcdd^d his nnme to im mortnlity in the hAng(,l's Whipper..”I,ndy Duflerin wrote, Hl'm Sitting on the Stile. Mary:.”Sheridan, Cal'olnn, O'Keefe, Davig, und 'mnny othenl, occupy a place in the famons catulogne. OLD FRANI.LN AU!ANAC, for 1861. Philadelphia: A. Winrh. Nn. 320 Cheetnut-strept. This pl1hlitmtion is crowded with interesting nnd valuable inform. aHoo—such as the force and numbcl' of the nnvica of the world. an 411 estimate of tho, average rate of wagpa in theUnited States, area of the Western Territories and of the States, weights aud measures of tile Uniteti States aud other countries, &c., &c. THE ILLUSTRATED FAMILY UEGISTER OF RURAL AFFAiaa AND UULTLVATOA ALMANAC, for 1861. Albuny: Luther Tili'i vollime ontains practical suggestions for the farmer and horticulturist, and is cmbdllslicd with over )40 illustrations. It Is cditell by John J. 'l'homas, author of the H American Frnit Unitul' ist,,.”&c.\ and associate edito\ of .. The Country Gentleman.”nnd “ The Cultivator..” Pricc, 25 cents. NORTH Brtrnsu R,:VMW. New York: Leonard Scott & Co., No. 54 Gold-street. The number fiir this quarter contains several nble paper.1 on various subjects. One— on “American Humor"—is decidedly able : another—on “The Martyrdom of GUileo"—is of thrilling interest to men of science and tlie lovers of truth. HID.”AND S""cK—A novel; by Wilkie Collins. New York : Dick & Fitzgerald, No, 18 Ann.stlcct. ?Ve nre isdebted to the above firm, the American re-publisher?, for n copy of the mtlch.talketi.of lIo\?I, “Hide nnd Seek,.”by the great English romancipt, 'Vilkie Collin!l, author of the hDead Secret,n the “ Woman in \Vhite,.”&c. Price, aO cents. ETIQUETTG ; edited by Henrv P. Willis. New York: Dick & Fit.zgeml(l, No. “l8 Aim-street. Thia volume cont:\ill^ tlif* most llpptovcd )"1Iles for correct deport. ment in fasltioll:Lble life. If any of om mechanics or inventors deIlre to make a mark iu snobbish socletr, let them study these hiuts. BOOKS FOR CMLDRICS.—\Ve find, on the approach of Chl"i"ttua.^, OUt' table well supplied with hooks ndarted to the instruct.ion and amusement of the yotmg. Ot late years, much nt tention Ima been devotee! by nnthol's to thin branch of literature. We :\1'e glad t,o notice this fact, and wonld nncoiirase mechaniM to spend a little of their eal'llIngs for the benefit of their children in the way of int.e\'csting anft entertaining publications. Messrs. Croabv, Nichols & LRR, of Boston. have published the ULittle Frankie Stories:.”also, the ** Little Robin'S Ncst,.”bv Ml's. Mar\:dinp Leslie. Six volumes in each set, making twelve books— beautifully printed, and well illustrated. These books are most excellent, and we can recommend them highly. HALL'S JOURSAL OF HEALTH hegins a new volume on January 1, 18tHj $l a year. Addre8s box No. 3,349;New York Post Office.