USEFUL THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT STEAM BOILERS. By G. B. N. Tower. New York: American Steam Boiler Insurance Co. The primary object of this book is to teach owners and users of boilers how to use and care for them, in order to lessen the liability to accident, which it is the business of the company publishing the book to in sure against. The author is an eminent engineer, holding the position of supervising inspector of the company, and the great variety of useful information which the book affords is put in terms so plain as to be easily within the comprehension of the simplest fireman or 'prentice boy. A MANUAL OF CHEMISTRY.-ORGANIC. . Watts' Revision of Fownes, revised by William A. Tilden. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son&Co. This is the latest revision of Fownes' Manual, in the department of organic chemistry. The main characteristics which distinguished the original work, orderly arrangement and clearness and conciseness of statement, are still maintained in the work as it is presented to-day, although the new matter successively added by Dr. Watts and Dr. Fisher often quite overshadows in importance that to be found in ' editions published before their work was added. Both volumes. physical and inorganic, and organic, are now published in uniform style, a large 12mo, of admirable typography. PROTECTION OR FREE TRADE. By Henry George. New York : Henry George&Co. The author of tjlis book has risen rapidly to a considerable degree of public prominence, mainly on account of his radical ideas as to the unwisdom and injustice of the laws of all governments confirming and maintaining individual property in land. The present volume adds nothing to the intelligent discussion of protection vs. free trade, except as it seeks to connect the subject with these other ideas of the writer. In his view protection is. robber which may be driven off, but it is hardly worth. while so long as there is a land owner left, for the latter is sure to take froJ;l labor. all that it has but just sufficient to enable the continuance of work. Received. HOUSEHOLD REMEDIES. By Felix L. Oswald. New York: Fowler &Wells Company. FOREORDAINED. A STORY OF HEREDITY. New York: Fowler&Wells Company. CHEMICAL AOTTHMETIC; WITH A SHODT SYSTEM OF ELEMENTARY QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS. By J. Milnor Coit. New York: D. C. Heath&Co. Sugar Machinery for Plantations and Refineries forms the subject matter of a handsome illustrated catalogue just issued by Messrs. Robert Deeley&Co., of New York, engineers, founders, and machinists, who have for years made a specialty of this business. This firm has furnished the equipment for some of our largest sngar refineries, and has for an extended period enjoyed a large foreign trade in the furnishing of apparatus for plantations as well as for sugar factories. Rock Drills, Air Compressors, and the machinery and appliances nsually employed in connection therewith, are shown at considerable length in a recently published catalogue of the Rand Drill Company, of New York. 'l'he book has some instructive views showing the use of the drill in recent important engineering operations, with three pictures of the explosion last summer at Flood Rock, in the tunneling for which the Rand drill was used.